Because of COVID-19 many tournaments were cancelled in 2020.


Tournaments 2020

Country Title Startdate Enddate City Typeof Inoutdoor Linkto Organizer
fifi LiittoMölkky 2020 05.09.2020 05.09.2020 Köyliö open outdoor Link Suomen Mölkkyliitto / Finnish Mölkky Association
bebe 1ER OPEN De Belgique de Mölkky 27.09.2020 27.09.2020 Fleurus open outdoor Link Belgian MÖlkky Federation
bebe Bosklappers Mölkky Tornooi 04.10.2020 04.10.2020 Kessel-Lo open outdoor Link

Note: National tournaments are often open for foreign teams, too!

Mölkky tournaments

The German Mölkky stronghold is the metropolitan area Nuremberg. Every year, the DMM - the Open German Mölkky Championship - attracts a lot of international teams and takes place in this region. The big event with now up to 68 teams yearly appears in the local press. It is organized by a consortium of the German Finnish Association Nuremberg that has originally brought the game to the city and the NPV - Nürnbergerin Pölkky Veikot, translated: "Pölkky brothers from Nuremberg"; Pölkky is used synonymously to Mölkky.

But also in other German cities there are Mölkky tournaments - for different occassions. One example is the German Beach Mölkky Championship that alternately takes place in Berlin (autumn, indoor) and Hamburg (spring, outdoor). 

Additionally teams compare themselves on international level in Mölkky. The biggest international event is the World Championship for sure, which takes place in the finnish Lahti each year around August.  This event with over 200 teams is by far larger than any other tournament over here. Next to a lot of single game fields, the final is held in a special Mölkky game "court".

Moreover, there are tournaments in France, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

However, the "end of the road" is not reached yet. Mölkky gets more and more popular, so one can assume that more competitions will pop up.

Team spirit at tournaments

Tournaments are usually contested by teams, only now and then there are individual competitions. 

A team has - depending on the tournament - 2-4 active players and 1-2 substitutes. During a game, players are fixed. They can only be exchanged between games.

Prior to game start, each team determines the order of the launchers. Then both teams alternate with throwing, where the position of each thrower is determined according to what has been agreed on earlier. Each team has a score to which the results of each player of that team will be added.

Special tournament rules

In tournaments often further rules apply compared to games among friends. The organizer will provide those rules before the tournament. In case of doubt, ask before it leads to unnecessary losses of points.

Trespassing: Is interpreted very strictly in tournaments and negates the throw; instead of points, a missed throw will be written down. During training you should already adapt to go backwards after your throw. Keep in Mind: 37-points-rule

Deliberate missthrow: In some situation a tactical misthrow may appear useful. In tournaments such behavior may lead to the loss of the game. 

Time for throwing: the time available for the throw itself might be restricted in order to make the tournament schedule at least somewhat predictable (e.g. 40 seconds). 

Disturbing: Disturbing the thrower - by shouting etc. - is regarded as highly unsportsmanlike in tournaments. Often there is outright silence at crucial throws. If you openly don't follow this rule, it may happen that a referee first warns you and then takes you out of the game.

Molkkout: Used to determine the starting team or the starting player. More about Molkkout.