In tournaments, transgression - stepping over the Mölkkaari forward - usually is scored as a miss. When it comes to the end of the game, this rule could be used as an advantage.

Example: the Team needs 5 points, but accidentally threw a higher number. The team would now fall back to 25 points, so it would be obvious if the thrower intentionally stepped over - so the throw would not be counted at all.

To prevent this behaviour, the so-called 37-point rule is often used. This means that from a level of 37 points each transgression leads immediately to a downgrade to 25 points.

Why exactly 37 points?

The question is obvious. But the reason is that in addition to throwing over 50 points in many games  reaching exactly 49 points is disadvantageous - i.e. if one can´t hit the 1 anymore. So from 37 points it could be interesting to gain benefits by transgression on purpose.