Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a hitten skittle sets itself up again?

In rare cases - also depending on the surface - a hitten skittle may set itself up again. In this case, the hit does not count, the pitcher gets a missed shot written down.

Has the size of a field determined?

Generally not, but in tournaments normally a defined field is set out. Skittles moving out of this section are thrown out of the game and can not be targeted again, which can also be used as a tactic, i.e when a player or team requires a certain number to win.

What happens when a skittle moves out of the field?

The skittle is usually "out of play", so it can not be targeted again and will be put back in the box. It's  possible to put the skittle at the point of leaving the field and set it up there. In tournaments the first option is used.

On which surfaces can Mölkky® be played?

In principle, there are no limits here. As long as the ground is reasonably flat, you can play Mölkky® on it. However, different substrates lead to different throwing techniques.


  • Turf / lawn: The skittles spread very slowly and the game remains manageable. A specific rolling of the throwing dowel towards a skittle is hardly possible. Only direct throws make sense.  
  • Ice: The skittles spread rapidly to large areas, rolling of the throwing dowel is quite possible. Because of the hard surface, damages to wood and skittles have to be considered.  
  • Sand: skittles practically don't spread. With the basic setting it won´t be fun. Rolling of the throwing dowel is hardly possible.
  • Asphalt/Stone: Not good for the throwing dowel. Must hit exact, because throwing dowel will jump off. The skittles spread very fast.

Here are a few pictures of different pitches.

Can theoretically all players or teams be eliminated from a game?

After three misses in succession, the affected team is eliminated from the game. As a player represents the team during the game, he or she must be careful to avoid this situation.

If only one player or team stays in the game, he or she wins automatically and must not make any further throws. A withdrawal of all players or teams is not possible.

Is Mölkky® a registered trademark?

Yes, the manufacturer Tactic Games Oy from Finland has secured the appropriate rights.

What is Tuoterengas?

Tuoterengas, together with the Lahti University of applied sciences and Salpaus education is part of the Lahti Region Educational Consortium. Within this organization Tuoterengas support workers at reintegration into the workforce and employs people with disabilities. Every Mölkky player promotes this social commitment. Meanwhile, Tuoterengas has merged into Lahden Paikka.

What is Numberkubb?

Again and again akin to the original Mölkky© game with names like Numberkubb, Zahlenkubb or comparable titles are offered. In most cases these games are cheap imitations that offer the same gameplay with a different name. Game ideas - in contrast to names - can not be protected, so there are no legal options. However, the rip-offs lack in quality, workmanship and correct size.


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