MMT Spring 2015

On 9th May 2015 it was time again for another version of the Middle Fraconian Mölkky Championship (Spring). All registered 13 teams were worried about the weather for a whole week. Finally, this turned out to be a nearly optimal mölkky condition, apart from isolated showers it stayed dry. Addionally, the temperatures around 15 to 20 degrees celsius were pleasant. Returning gusts of wind did not hold mölkkists back from a good playing mood.

MMT started at 10am with a small welcome speech by NPV head organisator Walter who again - in contrary to his own announcements - put his shoulder to the wheel: prepared match schedules, enough game sets and a laptop to assess the first rounds. This year, teams had a size of four players each. Walter had put all registered teams into two groups for the first round. Assignment depended on the date of registration. Therefore, MMT again was a relaxed championship where each team had enough time for breaks. 

A lot of participants had donated their part to the buffet, so that various assortments of fruits and vegetables, pretzels, chocolates and cakes served for creatures comforts.

The few visitors who had found their ways to Erlangen Bruck or whose eyes had moved away from the soccergame at the opposite side of the place, could watch challenging, exciting and even funny mölkky matches.

The first three teams:

  1. Men O'Mölk
  2. Mölkkmaschine
  3. Tiroler Flugschneisenwerfer