MMT Spring 2014

The Middle Fraconian Mölkky Championship (Spring) took place on 3rd of May 2014 and had to suffer under the bad weather conditions. Even if the temperatures had not been too cold, the ice-cold wind made sure that all teams started the game pretty "cool". 

Eleven teams had been registered, (10 finally competed) and hence, two more than in the past year. Each team had three active players. The organisation was announced to be minimal, but had to offer quite a lot: a small buffet for self service, a well prepared game field, enough game sets and extra skittles, printed game plans and the obligatory notebook for scoring the preliminary round led to an enjoyable and pleasant gaming experience.

Participants were well-casted, the first, second and fourth placed teams competed as well.

The first three teams:

    Di Hulzbögg
    Men O'Mölk