German Mölkky Championship 2015

For the German Championship 2015 – believe it or not - 57 Teams had registered - an increase of almost 30 % compared with last year. Already on Friday previous to the tournament, a lot of spontaneously traveled volunteers helped in wonderful teamwork and despite torrid heat to prepare places and infrastructure. The tireless creativeness of organizers – Werner had already measured, knitted and marked washing lines for later colouring of the ground and had built a big divider for the drawing of semi-circles at the release point – led to a fast finishing of all works. Guests from all over Germany and from other countries (Finland, Slowakia, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland and Austria) could come!  

The tournament started on 28 professionally marked places on Saturday. All teams had been divided into four groups and dueled in 14 to 16 games each until far later than 6pm. As soon as volunteers at the information point had all results at hand and had typed them into the computer, intermediate states as well as upcoming opponents and place information appeared at the big monitor opposite to the information point.

The high level, that had already signed off in the past year, rose again – all throws of members of „Team International“ (place 1, D, F, CZ) were really high-class. „Three and a half man“ (place 2, D) had to surrender in final very hairsbreadth. „Helsingin Mölkkyseura Travelling Mölkky“ (place 3, FI) could beat the repeated winner of past years „Men O Mölkk“ to fourth place.

Apart from few strong wind gusts, intermittently standing heat or thunder from the distance, weather was - appropriate for the occasion - almost perfect for the duration of the whole weekend.

Because almost the whole of available space had been used, there most likely won’t be a quantitative participation increase in the upcoming year. However, quality of throws will surely get better and better – we already look forward to the next year!