3rd Beach-Mölkky Championship Hamburg

The 3rd Beach-Mölkky Championship 2015 was staged indoor at the Alster shores in Hamburg on 18th April 2015. The ground consisted of exteremely fine-grained and dry sand. Therefore, each step made everybody sink about 5 cm. This was not comparable with the conditions of a natural beach such as the ones at northern or eastern sea, because those are more wet and harder.

In regard to this condition the whole thing appeared to be really straining! However, it was possible to dig feed into the sand and get a straight stand that finally raised precision. We sanded down the ground after each round, so the game field was relatively even.

Skittles and dowel didn't roll a single centimeter. To split up the skittles, we had to throw with power.
In the end, the best team won deservedly.

The top teams in the end:

  1. GAU Team
  2. Erlangen 1
  3. FC Beerussia Hamburg

Summing up: It was a lot of fun!

Thanks to Detlef for his (slightly modified) report!