1. Berlin Beach-Mölkky Championship 2014

The first Berlin Beach-Mölkky Championship took place in - what a surprise - Berlin on 22nd November 2014. The Championship was organized by the German Finnish Association e.V. from Berlin-Brandenburg county and the Indoor-Beachcenter Berlin was chosen as a venue. 

27 players from six federal states were split into six teams.

Facing the beach mölkky challenge was not too easy even for more experienced Mölkky players. As one already can assume by the name of the tournament, the ground only consisted of sand which lead to a more or less long adoption phase for all players but also to an adjustment of tactics. 

The games lasted over four hours and the dog eat dog principle was used. In the end the following winners were clear:

Team   Games   Sets
    won lost won lost
  1. Spandauer Krug 4 1 9 4
  2. MaRo 3 2 7 5
  3. Hansestadt Hamburg 3 2 7 7
  4. Berlin 2 3 6 7
  5 Hansestadt Rostock 2 3 5 6
  6. Berlin-Brandenburg 1 4 4 9

The next Beach Mölkky Championship is planned for Hamburg in spring 2015, the next tournament in Berlin will happen in about one year.