Info page about the Finnish lawn tossing game "Mölkky®".

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Have fun!


Coordination and strategic games are fun, can be learned quickly and are trendy. This also accounts for the finnish throwing game Mölkky®, which becomes more and more popular in Germany. Because of the exciting variety of possible game courses, simple rules and a long lasting fun in playing it, this is no wonder. Mölkky® can be played almost everywhere, but usually is played outside on a  boule court (or a similar ground).

So Mölkky is an outdoor game for everybody. Mölkky is both easy and exciting, any number of participants can play it. The sport requires one to concentrate and coordinate oneself, but this is relaxing and enjoyment for the whole group at the same time.

No matter whether in holidays abroad, at the beach near by or in one's own garden - Mölkky can be played everywhere.

Mölkky® Court

You should play Mölkky® on a bigger field. From two to three metres in the beginning, the field can stretch even to 15 metres in length during the game - depending on the ground. Ideally you play Mölkky® on grass or dense sand floor. Skittles are build up on the same place where they were thrown to. 

Skills and tactics

Both skills and tactics are asked to win in Mölkky®. Similar to boule, it all comes down to concentration, coordination and exact targeting.  Additionally, you should have a stategy to exactly get 50 points first and your counterparts are not able to do so.

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